Why You Should Consider a Body Worn Spy Camera

One of the best ways of capturing video without anybody knowing is to use a Body Worn Spy Camera. There are many reasons why they can be ideal. Many individuals have used them for either their free time or in their work. They are also capable of capturing many different environments.

One of the best things about Body Worn Spy Cameras is they offer a hands free way of filming through using a camera that is placed on your body. It can involve putting it on your watch, a button or your glasses. If you are considering purchasing one, think of what will work the best for your situation and needs.

When you are using one of these devices, nobody will know you are using a camera. They blend in very well and allow you to video tape without anyone even suspecting it. It can also be done hands free, which is also very nice. You can even be doing other things while you are doing the video taping.

Some individuals use the body worn spy camera for spying on other people. It could be for fun or for their jobs. It might be used for recording something their spouse or kid is doing. Although it might be considered sneaky at times.

Another reason why some individuals might purchase one of these cameras is so that they can film themselves when they are performing sports. That is especially true for individuals doing extreme sports because they like to show other people what they have been able to do or look back and review it themselves. Another popular thing to do is to post these types of videos online.

If you are considering getting one of these cameras and trying to decide whether it is the best thing for you to do or not, think about how often you would use it and what you would be using it for. Think about where you want to watch your videos. Once you have determined all of this, you will be prepared to go out and purchase one.

The last thing you want is to get yourself into trouble with this kind of camera. Before using it, be sure to think things through carefully. You also needs to make sure it feels comfortable. Go to a store that carries them and try a couple of them out to determine which one is best for you. You might want to get something else if you don’t usually wear glasses.

You may want to give one of these cameras as a gift if you know somebody who might enjoy it. They can make a great birthday present. It may not be something they have ever thought about but once they start to use it they might really enjoy it.

Be sure to purchase a camera from a reputable store. Find out what their return policy is just in case the camera doesn’t work out for you. Determine how much money it costs and whether it is a good deal or not. Taking the time to do these things can help you save money and time and you will end up with a good camera that you can use.


Spy Camera Detector

Have you ever had a confidential meeting with someone that you wanted to make sure was not being recorded by a hidden cam.  Hidden video cameras can be placed almost anywhere these days and we have to be on the lookout to protect our privacy.  There are many circumstances under which we might want to protect our privacy.  Not only our privacy, our security may be at stake also.  There is a spy camera detector on the market today that the article below discusses.

Cell phones can detect hidden cameras

“Robinson says video stalking is more prevalent than ever, and detecting cameras is almost impossible because of their minuscule size.

“This is a tiny pinhole camera, literally the lens is all you need to show to be able to view anything in a room,” says Robinson.

But there is no reason to become a voyeur victim with today’s technological advances. Hidden camera detector apps are available on your Android or iPhone or at a neighborhood security store.

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“A hidden camera detector can find a camera anywhere no matter how well it’s hidden. You just press the button, it shoots a little IR beam and you can see the reflection of any camera lens. So what was hidden from the naked eye is now seeable,” says Robinson.”


Author:  Charles Billi, WTSP 11:24 p.m. EDT October 17, 2014

If being recorded has ever been a concern for you, a spy camera detector may be the way to minimize this exposure.  No matter how well hidden a spy camera may be, a spy camera detector can find them. Check this site out if you’re interested in learning how to detect hidden cameras using a spy camera detector.


Spy camera benefits

You won’t find very many people who would deny that there aren’t some significant benefits to hidden spy cameras. While there are many benefits there are also some reasons to be wary of these surveillance cameras. The article below discusses some of these issues.

The pros and cons of visible and hidden surveillance cameras

“1. The Pros and Cons of Visible and Hidden Surveillance Cameras There are pros and cons for hidden surveillance cameras versus visible surveillance cameras. However, the great news is that there are security camera systems today that can give a home or business owner the capability of seeing what is going on from practically anywhere. With modern IP cameras connected to the Internet, remote monitoring of what the cameras see is available anywhere an Internet connection is available. Choose Good Cameras for Both Hidden and Visible Surveillance Before choosing whether the installation scheme for the surveillance cameras is going to be hidden, visible or a mix of the two, be sure to choose high quality cameras. Today’s cameras are capable of displaying high resolution images under widely varying lighting situations.” http://www.slideshare.net/midamericass/the-pros-and-cons-of-visible-and-hidden-surveillance-cameras

As the article describes, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration for a spy camera that is going to be hidden from view and recording people without their knowledge. Anyone considering placing a camera in their business should first examine the law to ensure their doing it within the bounds of the law. Even if you are placing a camera in your home there are areas where it may be unlawful such as the bathroom where people have an expectation of privacy.


1) CCTV cameras can be used directly with a standard TV/VCR or RCA video monitor;
2) To view more than one CCTV camera on your TV/VCR you will need a quad or multiplexer;
3) To view on your computer or laptop you will need a DVR card or USB;
4) A standalone system that records is a standalone DVR
What is in the package:1PC Mini camera; 1PC AC Adapter; 1PC RCA Cable

an image of hidden%20camera Hidden camera in the bathroom

Hidden spy cameras: ethical?

The advent of hidden spy cameras has caused many to feel that in some cases the use of them are unethical. Depending upon where they are hidden many people find their privacy has been invaded. The image above shows a hidden camera placed in a bathroom. Not only is this unethical, it is against the law. The article below discusses some of these issues.

Ethical Issues With Public Surveillance Cameras | eHow



Hidden cameras spark considerable ethical debate when used in the media. Many news programs use hidden cameras to conduct surveillance or speak with people who don't realize they're on camera. As one of the ethical requirements of every journalist is to identify himself prior to speaking to someone on the record, this deceitful recording is often frowned upon by those in the industry, though it is legal.


Hidden security cameras are common in homes in which a family has young children. Often called "nanny cams," these cameras are set up to watch nannies or babysitters and are used to detect abuse or neglect of the child at the hands of the caregiver. Even if you don't tell your nanny that you are filming her, you have to give her a right to privacy. For example, if you have a live-in nanny, it is unethical to place a hidden camera in her room or washroom.." http://www.ehow.com/info_8709029_ethical-issues-public-surveillance-cameras.html

Hidden spy cameras has sparked a lot of debate over unethical  practice and also adherence to the law. Many people are going to find themselves in trouble if they are not careful in where they placed these types of cameras. Many will find themselves being served with lawsuits or perhaps jail terms for abuse of the law. So be careful!


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