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Hidden Surveillance Cameras

This section has many different selections of hidden surveillance cameras. Browse through this section to get ideas of what type of camera might be best suited for your requirements. And don't forget to look at the at the video for additional ideas.

Understanding Your Options with Using Hidden Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to hidden surveillance cameras, the truth is that there are an amazing number of options to help create an impressive and fully masked security system that blends into the background while providing a level of security that goes above and beyond what you originally could have even hoped for.

The key to getting the best system for yourself is not only getting a good program that pulls together images from a bunch of cameras into one secure place (your own little HQ) but you also want to know all your options when it comes to the many different cameras that are available to connect together.

Fake Landscaping Pieces
One extremely popular type of undercover surveillance camera comes in the form of fake landscaping pieces. These can be fake rocks, hidden in bushes, or even fake vines to provide a variety of different locations and angles to cover a yard, home, or other area.

Teddy Bear Eyes
These have become very popular with parents who want to make sure their small children are okay with babysitters or nannies. These are cameras that see through the eyes of a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. This allows parents to see what is going on and make sure their kids are in good hands - and to give them video evidence if it is ever needed for a lawsuit or, worst case scenario, a criminal investigation.

Outlets & Smoke Detectors
These are great places for hidden surveillance cameras because they are located in every home, generally in almost every room. The outlets allow for easy viewing in almost any room while smoke detectors are an important part of home safety, and allow a full bird's eye view of every room.

Digital Alarm Clocks
Digital alarm clocks are another place where hidden surveillance cameras become really popular and it's easy to see why. It puts security in the privacy of a bedroom and can record anything that takes place there like a burglary or acting as evidence during a disagreement for any legal issue in the future.

Hidden Security Cameras, In Conclusion
Hidden surveillance cameras offer a wide array of options for helping to create an exceptional system that can help you and your family feel safe. When you combine all the options mentioned here for hidden cameras, and even tie them in with other options, you can get a full secure look at your home or building. For more on the pros and cons of installing hidden surveillance cameras, take a look at this article