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Spy Watch Camera

There was a time when I believed that spy cameras could not get smaller sized (take a look at them, they are as small as a mouse!) - Check out the brand-new spy watch cameraa wrist watch innovation.


These brand-new watches can quickly tape audio and video. They are regular-sized wrist watches which would make 007 envious! Their disadvantage is the amount of battery energy required, though science is considerably advancing and it was thought that in a view years wrist watch spy cameras might feed from the sunshine (with a back-up battery obviously) to make it last a lot longer.


These little spy cameras can tape-record colors and be transferred to a receptor approximately 300 feet away.


What to Look for in a High Quality Spy Watch Camera

There's nothing quite like sitting down for the newest James Bond movie or taking a look at the classic Matt Damon action movies where he starred as Jason Bourne. There's always been something that has just been incredibly intriguing about the life of a spy and the world of espionage - and a small part of that life can be enjoyed by any stylish individual with a truly good spy watch.

What makes a great watch straddle that line from normal over to a fun feeling of intrigue? The spy watch camera is a great piece of equipment, but aside from the overall look and design there are several things you need to look for.

The Amount of Memory Matters
Are you looking for photographs or videos? Do you want only a few seconds of video or several minutes? How much can be recorded (and how clearly) all depends on the amount of memory in the spy watch camera. Is it a mere 1 GB, or are you looking at an exceptional 8 GB model? The amount of memory makes a huge difference when looking at what all your watch can capture.

Resolution & Night Vision
These are two often overlooked qualities that a good spy watch needs to take into consideration. Night vision is obvious, it allows you to not only tell your time at night but to also to record clearly at night so you still have good video of whatever you want to record.

Classy Design & Design Options
What good is a spy watch if it sticks out like a sore thumb? Classic and classy designs include black, white, and grey watches that are good looking and fully functional watches. Whether a sports watch or a luxury watch, there are options for any type of look.

This means anyone looking for a spy watch can find one that fits into any style of clothing for any situation. That's about as much as any would be James Bond can ask for!

In Conclusion
There's a lot to like about an exceptional spy watch camera, and with the great advancements in photography and digital technology in the past decade a good spy watch (complete with camera) can be used to accessorize any suit, business casual dress, or similar appearance. They're not giant bulky pieces that stick out anymore. They blend in with a good look, making good would be spies all the happier.