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WebCam Hacking

Webcam hacking is becoming commonplace

New camera technology is enabling fascinating capability for the field of photography. However, advances in the field of computer technology combined with cameras are presenting some terrifying dangers to privacy from webcam hacking.

Increasingly we are finding examples of security cameras of all types are being hacked by individuals called ratters. Not only cameras designed for surveillance of property or people are being hacked, but also for Webcams. There are even webcam hacking websites that teaches you how to do it. Some of them make software available to perform webcam hacking.

Hackers are finding ways to use spyware known as "RAT" (remote access trojan) to access computers, mobile devices and security surveillance cameras. RATS taking control of Webcams is becoming alarmingly common. Many times spyware are downloaded unknowingly in a game or in an email attachment.

Peeping Toms have been notoriously watching people through webcams. There has even been an international turn of events. The Russians have been known for webcam hacking as reported in this article. Many webcam pictures and videos have been collected and displayed on this website. The site shows 500 streams coming from the UK, 4,591 from the US along with listings from over 200 other countries, according to the BBC.

There are many ways to protect yourself against ratting. Ensure you have good antivirus and antispyware installed and updated regularly. Do not download apps or programs from an UN-trusted site. Downloading attachments from emails should be done only if you trust the sender. If you don't need online access to your camera, shut this feature down if possible. Check that all of the security settings are set correctly to ensure your privacy. Cover the lens of your webcam when not in use. Make sure you change the default password on your camera.

Speaking of passwords, this is the most common way people are exploited. Many times people do not change the default password that comes with the camera. Often when they do make the change, it is done in a very ineffective way. Individuals are not the only ones guilty of using ineffective usernames and passwords. Even corporations are guilty, like the recent breach of databases at Target and Home Depot. To ensure the security of your webcam or home security camera, check out 5 smart ways to choose a password at this site.

We hope that this article will provide adequate guidelines to ensure your privacy is not invaded, particularly via Webcam hacking. It should be noted however, that cameras of all types that can be accessed via the Internet have the potential of being hacked. Webcam hacking is becoming prevalent in many parts of the world. So be sure that you take the necessary steps to minimize exposure for you and your family.

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