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WiFi Camera

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Using WiFi cameras is the most recent development in office and home security systems. An increasing number of households have been singing up for these types of services to help make their houses more secure. Here are a couple of questions for you. Did you know you can use security cameras that use internet protocol to operate with? Also, are you aware of what distinguishes a good WiFi camera from bad ones.

In this article we will provide you with interesting and critical information regarding home security WiFi camera-based security systems. We will be looking at how cost effective it is to undertake this type of investment in addition to the efficiency that this kind of system has. We will then highlight some of the best WiFi cameras that you can use for improving your home's security.

To begin with, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to install some kind of surveillance equipment inside your home. These systems help to deter intruders and criminals from committing crimes in homes that have surveillance systems installed. The crime rate in neighborhoods that have fully adopted surveillance camera is either unheard of or very low.

One of the things that really makes wireless cameras so great is you can access them remotely. That allows you to monitor your house while you are away on vacation or at work. They are fairly easy to install. You can also monitor the videos from several different platforms including your mobile phone and laptop.

WiFi cameras are able to transmit the video as it is being recorded. That provides homeowners with peace of mind since they are guaranteed to get real-time feeds from the their home. Wireless cameras are also an excellent way for kids to be monitored by their parents to see how they are behaving with one another as well as the babysitter.

WiFi cameras are quite reliable since they have long range antennas and are battery operated. So they don't need to be hooked up to electrical or telephone lines. If there is a blackout, these cameras still are able to function fine which helps to ensure you will be able to monitor your house still.

However, the best practice is using an independent security company to monitor the process for you. Your homeowners association should be able to recommend local security companies to you that providing the installation, monitoring and maintenance services that you need. Private security companies guarantee 24/7 monitoring in addition to having an alarm response unit that is always ready.

What Factors Do You Need To Consider When You Are Looking To Hire A Security Company To Install WiFi Cameras For You?

Installing wireless security cameras is a fairly straightforward process. However, it is still a good idea to have a professional licensed company do the installation. This saves homeowners lots of effort and time and ensures the cameras are installed correctly.

To decrease costs even more, see if you can get your homeowners association to contract with a company to provide their services to the whole neighborhood. The following are some of the major factors you should consider when searching for the best security company to manage your wireless camera system:

Camera Features

First you need to consider whether or not the company has a solid background and experience in dealing with WiFi cameras. You can determine this by what cameras features the company recommends for your neighborhood. The proposed cameras should be capable of producing high quality videos with resolution that is sufficiently high.

Ideal WiFi cameras for use in a home security system will be able to support being able to remotely adjust the views from one angle to the next. That will help to ensure that large areas can be monitored at the same time. The zoom capabilities on the camera should be excellent as well.

Monitoring Services Provided

Your wireless camera security company should be able to furnish you with monitoring services round the clock. You home should not be left unwatched at any time. You should also be able to customize the services to suit your needs.

Make arrangements with the security staff on how much time should elapse from when an alarm is trigger to when authorities should be contacted. Another essential requirement that all wireless security systems need to have is redundancy. The security system needs to make sure that they systems isn't affected by network failure or faults in the power system.

Availability Of Various Security Devices

Wireless cams alone cannot adequately meet all of a home's security needs. In addition to providing high quality WiFi cameras, your security company should also be able to provide carbon monoxide detectors, heat sensors, glass-break sensors, motion sensors and more.

Leading Brands Of WiFi Cameras

TRENDnet Wireless Surveillance Camera

For 2014-2015 this was one of the highest rated wireless cameras. It comes with a side to side 340-degree tilt, up and down 115 degree tilt, 2-way radio and 7.5 meter night vision lens.

DropCam HD

This camera comes with motion detection alerts and mechanisms, 2-way audio system and full HD features. It is very easy to install this camera. The only disadvantage that the model has is the bandwidth consumption. It may consume more than 60GB bandwidth per month.

Foscam F19821W

This is among the highest rated WiFi cams. It comes with HD video image support for outstanding night vision capabilities, 1280 x 700 resolution, and can be monitored effectively over an iOS or Android operated phone. Zooming can be problematic on this model however.


This is one of the market's most affordable models. It has stainless steel bearings which enhances its looks, and comes with capabilities for night vision performance and a friendly user interface.

The Foscam F18918W

This is another very reputable model WiFi camera. The Foscam F18918W is very affordable and comes with a 2-way audio system, infra-red LED illumination, as well as pin-tilt-zoom. This model does have low resolution, which is the only disadvantage that it really has.

In conclusion, it is very obvious that home security systems with WiFi cameras are better positioned to monitor households effectively compared to wired home security systems.